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Highly Focused Growth


Investment Objective
Provide above average total return versus an S&P500 benchmark by overwieghting individual equities we believe to be undervalued.

Investment Strategy
We believe that in an era of increasing market efficiency, large differences still remain between companies’ true earnings potential and investor expectations for growth. This results from the potential for emerging product trends at the industry or company level to be seriously underestimated by both analysts and investors. The ultimate upward revision in expectations for earnings is what drives stock price performance. Our process revolves around identifying and capitalizing on companies where expectations are soon to be rising or haven’t yet risen enough.

We employ a consistent, disciplined bottom-up approach to our study of a company and its competitors. More importantly, we feel it is critical to embrace the perspective of business owner, not passive investor. This forces us to thoroughly understand the drivers of product demand, and model a vision for the future that exposes the gaps between growth and expectations.




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