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Dynamic Growth & Income


Investment Objective
Provide absolute returns above inflation, consistent with prudent investment management seeking sustainable income and moderate long-term capital growth.

Investment Strategy
We utilize a managed blend of fixed income, equities, and cash equivalents. Securities may include common stocks, preferred stocks, government bonds, corporate bonds, mortgage bonds and money market securities. The investment team adjusts the allocation based on which asset classes are timely in today’s economy, and we limit stock or bond allocations to 50% each while maintaining a bias toward lower-risk securities.

This strategy is appropriate for those investors seeking a real return over inflation using a diversified, balanced portfolio with moderately-conservative risk. In targeting total returns through the entire business cycle, stocks may provide better results during one period and bonds the next. Overall, the diverse nature of the dynamic growth & income strategy and the bias toward income securities provides a relative measure of stability for investors.




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