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Dynamic Growth


Investment Objective
Provide above average total return through all market cycles relative to a 100% risk-based benchmark by matching performance in positive cycles and avoiding risk in negative cycles.

Investment Strategy
We actively manage a blend of assets based on our outlook for growth, inflation, and interest rates. We do this by enhancing the outlook with a combination of valuation and growth analysis of each asset class. As the long-term risk reward for an asset class shifts, we use a scale in, scale out approach to increase or decrease exposure. However, we will temper our valuation discipline in both directions when a particular asset class is exhibiting sustainable strength or weakness. This keeps the emphasis on valuation but helps to participate in momentum avoid the problems associated with market timing. As capital flows create timely opportunities, individual asset class allocations may vary from 0% to 80%.

Equity securities in this strategy consist of mid-large cap US companies and derived from our growth equity discipline. ETFs are the primary vehicle for commodity and fixed income exposure, including Treasuries, corporate bonds, preferred stocks, mortgage-backed securities and convertible securities. We also may use ETFs to gain broad exposure to a geography, sector, industry or style among equities that is favorable according to our growth discipline. Like other assets, cash may go as high as 80% in its use as a defensive tool.




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