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Diversified Equity


Investment Objective
Provide above average total return relative to a benchmark of 70% S&P500 and 30% MSCI EAFE Indicies. Intended to provide performance correlated to the worldwide market for equities.

Investment Strategy
US-based investments are made in companies derived from Concord’s core equity discipline. Utilizing a bottom-up analysis to identify businesses for growth at a reasonable price (GARP), we purchase companies with strong brands and timely products. For diversification to international and small-cap markets, we select investments in ETFs that provide exposure to foreign and emerging markets as well as companies of the Russell 2000 Index.

Our investment team actively manages the equity allocation mix among large- and small-cap stocks and US & foreign markets. We tailor the blend based on our outlook for the best price appreciation relative to risk. Historically, the mix between stocks and funds has been approximately 80:20.




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