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Trust Services
We have extensive experience helping our clients implement and manage trusts as part of their overall financial plan. An important part of estate planning for many of our clients, trusts offer asset control, tax advantages, and the ability to craft the type of legacy desired for future generations.

Choosing a custodian of trust assets is an important consideration in serving our clients. At Concord, we utilize custodians whose reliability, flexibility and commitment to serve their clients reflects our own. We have several custodial providers who continually strive to improve their offering to help serve our clients.

Estate Planning Services
At Concord, we help our clients ensure that the legacies they have spent their lives building are passed on to their heirs in the most effective and tax-efficient ways possible. Through our network of estate planning professionals, we are able to guide you in selecting an appropriate planner for your family and help simplify the estate planning process.



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